Alkaline Cleaners
Concentrated water based oil remover
Concentrated powerful, dilutable oil remover
Non-foaming powerful oil and dirth remover
Concentrated aluminium cleaner (air conditions)
Concentrated textile, polyester cloth cleaner

Acidic Cleaners
Concentrated descaler and cleaner
Concentrated mortar, concrete, silicium cleaner
Concentrated rust remover and metal cleaner
Concenrated stainles steel cleaner
Concentrated metal cleaner and surface conditioner (phosphating)

Special Chemicals
Moisture removing anti-corrosion compound for electrical equipment
Anti-corrosive protective coating compound for metal parts
Protective coating for concrete floors
Diluter for protective coating
Paint stripper
Dip tank paint stripper (two phase)
Rust converter and metal primer
Rust inhibitor and penetrating compound for metal parts, bolts/nuts

Electrical equipment cleaning solvent
Industrial solvent degreaser (no chlorinated solvents)
Water soluble heavy duty degreaser (holds on vertical surfaces)
Industrial heavy duty solvent degreaser (contains chlorinated solvents)
Powerful cleaner and degreaser for metal parts of electrical and mechanical equipment

Hygenic Products
Heavy duty concentrated hand and body cleaner (1:3 dilutable)
Liquid hand soap (ready-to-use)
Liquid disinfectant hand soap
Concentrated dish washing compound (manual use)
Concentrated general cleaning compound
Concentrated WC and bath room cleaner and disinfectant
Concentrated desinfectant cleaner
Concentrated dish washing compound for industrial machines
Concentrated dish rinsing and brightener compound for industrial machines